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Agaro Artisan Jewelry

Agaro is a celebration of the tradition and heritage of the ancient jewelry making art, first established in the imperial karkhanas, or workshops, of the Mughal Court. The jewelry produced in these karkhanas was made using gold at its very purest (always over 22 karat), delicately wrought and brilliantly fused with magnificent meenakari, or enameling.  It was said that even Paris could not paint gold to the standard produced within the karkhanas. This blended brilliance of greens, blues, and reds to create flowers, plants, scrolling vines and animal forms, became a quintessential symbol of the Mughal image of ‘paradise on earth’.

Today, Agaro jewelry is made using these same traditions and techniques passed down through generations. Our artisans, many of whom can trace their families back to the karkhanas of the Mughal Court, create beautifully detailed enameling on finely embellished 22 karat gold. The jewelry is authentic with a contemporary twist, yet each unique jewel is a little piece of India, and our very own version of ‘paradise on earth’.