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Belle & Bone, Metalmark Fine Jewelry, Denver, Colorado

A Midwest native, Belle & Bone Founder Bridget Walsh has always had a creative interest in design, fashion and jewelry.  After an opportunity working with designer Samantha Louise, she gained invaluable knowledge about the fine jewelry industry and was inspired to create her own line.

A reflection of Bridget’s lifestyle and personality, Belle & Bone is for women who value style and practicality.  It is elevated, everyday jewelry for modern women with a sophisticated edge.  Jewelry can be more than an accessory, it serves as an expression of who you are and should feel personal and unique.  Belle & Bone strives to create pieces that look beautiful with a t-shirt and jeans or a dressed up night out, that exude a balance of femininity and strength.  

Bridget resides in Denver, CO with her husband and their dog, Georgie.