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Katherine & Josephine, Metalmark Fine Jewelry, Denver, Colorado

Katherine & Josephine was started by two sisters, Julie and Carly, that came together to create a fresh take on fine jewelry.  The sisters are nineteen months apart and have always been incredibly close, both bringing unique strengths and expertise to the business.  Katherine & Josephine was named after Carly and Julie's Grandmothers, who have always been an inspiration for the girls to follow their dreams. 

Their line features wearable fine jewelry that easily transitions from day to night, while pulling design elements from the past, but keeping one foot firmly planted in today's world.  The line began with bracelets, Julie's favorite item of jewelry, and one that allows for ample stacking.  Julie and Carly created a collection of satin bracelets with precious metal and stone elements.  With the beauty and elegance of satin mixed with the shine and brilliance of diamond buckles and slides, the collection quickly came to life.  The collection also includes cuff bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and sterling silver.  

The satin bracelets, buckles and slides are sold separately allowing you to choose exactly which elements you want to pair together.  You can also purchase a strap with a tarnish resistant sterling silver buckle if you are looking for your slide to be the focal point of your bracelet.