Katherine & Josephine is the realization of a dream by designer, Julie Bishop.  As a young girl Julie loved all things miniature and was rarely seen without a watch or special piece of jewelry.  This love of small things grew into a passion for jewelry and design.  During college Julie had the opportunity to take metalsmithing & enameling classes which helped guide her career path into the jewelry industry.

After many years and different positions within the jewelry industry, the next step for Julie became clear and Katherine & Josephine was founded. The company was named after her grandmothers, two women that equally inspired and motivated her to pursue this passion.

Heavily inspired by Art Deco & Victorian jewelry, coupled with extensive sketching, planning and research, the collection came to life.  With a strong focus on bracelets, Katherine & Josephine’s marriage of satin straps and metal adornment is the perfect way for a wearer to create a look as unique as they are.

The collection features 14K gold, sterling silver and precious and semi-precious stones.