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Kavant & Sharart, Metalmark Fine Jewelry, Denver, Colorado

Uniting their vision and their brands partners in life and in métier Nuttapon Yongkiettakul (Kenny) and Shar-Linn Liew first approached the idea of creating jewelry by designing Liew’s bridal accessories for their 2011 wedding.

The label is ideally made for the modern day style aesthete seeking effortlessly elegant accessories that reflects her style. The core to Kavant & Sharart’s aesthetics and philosophy is a piece of jewelry that not only satisfies the wearer’s need to wear something charming, but also her desire for something original that highlights her personality.

The unique contrast in inspirations somehow allows for a natural juxtaposition of geometric lines and subtle curves. Kenny’s avant-garde style coupled with Shar-Linn’s fascination with the art deco period and Oriental arts allowed the award-winning pair to weave their design inspirations.

The eclectic style of art deco inspires Sharlinn who sought to infuse traditions with new life to create modern styles whilst Kenny’s infinite love for nature especially the sea gives him endless inspirations and uncountable creative ideas. Their combined inspiration brings about a healthy balance for the brand. Her fascination with traditional oriental motifs to classic art deco silhouettes inspires her endlessly. Kenny’s passion for the ocean, waves and organic elements drives his design passion. Uniting their inspirations, the duo inevitably absorbs and crystallizes their inspiration and design something they consider art.