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TAP by Todd Pownell jewelry is a synthesis of responsibly acquired gemstones and noble metals, an intense reverence for the geological processes from which his materials originate, and a unique design approach. Todd’s jewelry conceptions are informed by his personal connection to nature’s beautiful and tumultuous processes.

As seen in his pieces, he is fascinated by the relationship between dark and light; darker crevices are formed in his gold bands studded with diamonds. Light and dark accentuate the other key juxtaposition in the work: the rugged and the refined. Each piece is masterfully crafted, and gives a intentional rugged natural appearance.

A signature unique to Todd’s work is the “upside-down,” or reverse set, diamonds in his pieces. Todd if fascinated by the way that gems, especially diamonds, capture and reflect light. The reverse set diamonds reflect light at oblique angles.

Tap is a member of Ethical Metalsmiths and the Diamond Development Initiative. In 2014 Tap by Todd Pownell was presented with the Mort Abelson Best New Designer of the Year Award at the JA show in New York.