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The Custom Styling Team

Need a gift? Personal styling? Interested in custom?

Samantha Louise Larkins


Samantha Louise Larkins Denver,

"I started making jewelry to tell a story. The collecting of these objects serves as a daily reminder for who we are, where we came from and where we are going. Great jewelry should become intertwined in our story, identity and memories."

Mary Leppert Carmel,

"Jewelry can be both timeless and ever changing. Let it evolve with your own style as you grow within."

Abby Snow Phoenix,

"Jewelry is a beautiful outlet to express your personal & unique style. It's meant to be worn, loved, appreciated and passed down to future generations to repeat."

Whitney Willhite Carmel,

"My love of jewelry started when I was a really little girl playing around in my grandmother's jewelry box. There are so many stories that come along with each piece of jewelry and there is nothing more exciting then finding THE perfect piece for someone."

Whitney Maunz Denver,

"I see jewelry as another form of self expression; it should directly reflect who you are. I love a design that isn’t overly complicated, but is still bold!"