One of our favorite design challenges is to create something new from something old. As the saying goes, “diamonds are forever.” But, the setting and style aren’t necessarily forever. Maybe you’ve inherited a family heirloom that isn’t your style, or been given a gift you know you’ll never wear — why not create something new that you know you will love?

The process is easy!

Step 1: Inventory

Assess what you have to work with. Is it a large cocktail ring with colored stones? Is it an old engagement ring with a large center diamond and small melee diamonds? Take inventory of all the components of the piece. A thorough inventory will help you weigh your options for a new design. You might find that you can create two or three pieces from a single old one.

Step 2: Research

Scour the internet. Search Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, etc. for inspiration for your new piece. What styles do you like? What don’t you like? Do you want to make a ring? A necklace? What’s missing in your current jewelry collection? What do you think you’ll wear most often?

Step 3: Evaluation

Before we get too deep into the design phase, we will inspect your jewelry to make sure all components are in good shape. Many stones can get chipped over years of wear, so we look carefully to make sure we’re only incorporating parts that are strong and ready to be reused. After that, we will remove all stones from the setting and measure them.

Step 4: Design

Now that we have all the parts of your old piece measured and ready to work with, it’s time to get creative. We will sketch out the initial design and decide whether we need to source additional stones or materials.

Step 5: CAD and Wax

One of the most fun steps in the process is seeing the CAD design, also know as a Computer Assisted Design. This software allows you to see a scaled rendering of the finished piece. This is when it all really comes to life. We will also print the wax mold of the piece so you can see the physical size before we cast it in gold.

Step 6: Production

The final step! Once your piece is custom crafted, you get to enjoy your brand new piece of jewelry. And, you can feel good knowing that nothing is sitting in your jewelry box being unloved or unworn.