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Address: 211 W. Main Street Suite 100 Carmel, IN 46032

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10:30am - 6:00pm

Phone: 720.441.4635 ext. 2

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Mary Leppert is as fluent in the language of jewelry as she is in English. A champion for the culture and language of fine jewelry, Mary loves teaching Metalmark customers about metals, gemstones, custom creations, jewelry designers, jewelry care and more as she shows our designers’ collections, consults on custom Metalmark creations, consults on jewelry repairs, and as she does so much more! Mary loves that Metalmark features a vast but cohesive collection of unique jewelry pieces that fit Denver and Carmel's aesthetic and budget needs in a new way.

Mary is an Indianapolis native and relishes her time in Colorado and Indiana. Like Samantha, she has a love for lake life on Wawasee! Mary graduated from GIA twice, with Graduate Gemologist 2007 and Graduate Jeweler 2015 credentials, before moving to Colorado. Along with curating fine jewelry, Mary curates an impressive garden! Ask any Metalmark Maven and they will tell you that Metalmark’s succulents are as gorgeous as they are because of Mary’s green thumb. Her love of nature extends to the beautiful Colorado Rockies, which she loves exploring.

Please reach out to Mary if you are interested in searching for diamonds or other precious stones, jewelry repairs, watch repairs, estate jewelry needs.


I like to think of myself as the queen of color. Nothing about me is neutral, not my house, not my shoes and definitely not my jewels. I think jewelry should be uniquely you and I love seeing a piece of jewelry and knowing exactly the person for it.

What jewelry piece can you not leave the house without? You'll probably never see me without ANY jewels on. It's meant to be worn and loved... except I do take off my rings (as advised) at the gym.

What’s currently on your wishlist? This is by far the hardest question you can ask in our biz. If you want the short list, I would say a Jade Trau Friendship Charm (still looking for someone to split it with me), a Polly Wales Skull Ring, a Samantha Louise Totem, an Azlee Compass Medallion, and a Jacquie Aiche Thunderbird.

Favorite part of Metalmark? The belly laughs, playing with jewelry, and creating jewelry junkies. 

If I'm not at Metalmark you can find me.... Reading a book!

Favorite spot in Carmel? I love a good patio in the summer so I would say Sun King or 3 Up. My soon to be husband also happens to be a fantastic cook so our kitchen is a great place to be as well. I like to watch him cook from my favorite blue velvet chair with a tall glass of wine and a good book!

Favorite part of the custom process? Incorporating meaningful aspects into a redesign of an older piece. I love when the stars align and you have the perfect amount of little diamonds to execute an idea. It really feels like kismet. It’s as if that person is watching over helping with the process. 

Best addition to an ear stack? More piercings? My recipe has always been one of each: sparkle, a pop of color, and a little bit of dangle. It needs to be intentional but asymmetric. Finding that balance feels like an art.

Favorite piece to make a statement with? Suzy Landa earrings. I love and want all of her one-of-kind earrings.


What’s currently on your wishlist? Where do I begin?!  Samantha Louise Jewelry Emerald Cactus Studs, the Jacquie Aiche Graduated Diamond Peaked Dome Ring, and the Elisabeth Bell Square Emerald necklace because who doesn't love emeralds?! 

Favorite spot in Carmel? The bakery next door! You can catch me sneaking chocolate chip cookies, hiding them in my drawer, and lying when asked what's in the bag. 

Favorite part of Metalmark? What's not to love?! The incredible women that are at each location, the team work, the creativity, the EMPOWERMENT, the commitment to community, the FAMILY.

Favorite piece to make a statement with? I LOVE a good Suzy Landa earring! The turquoise hearts are one of my favorites. 


I was born and raised in Muncie, IN, but call the Indianapolis, IN area home now. I am grateful to be able to spend my time with friends and family. I am happiest doing anything that involves sunshine, nature, water and maybe a mimosa or two. And I think kindness is super cool. 

If I’m not at Metalmark you can find me…Enjoying the peaceful energy of the Monon trail. 

What’s currently on your wishlist? A Jacquie Aiche Body Chain and Jade Trau Vanguard Riviera necklace.

Best addition to an ear stack? Ear cuffs and/or anything with a chain. The Samantha Louise baguette ear cuffs are the bomb!


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