The jewelry you wear is an expression of your personality and your stories. In order to create pieces of jewelry that reflect who you are and what you desire, Metalmark Fine Jewelry creates custom jewelry designs. We will lead you through the process from beginning inspirations to beautiful, finished products.

Metalmark custom jewelry design


What “wows” you? What would you want to wear everyday? What would you wear to make a statement? What is your type? What are you missing from your jewelry box?

No one can answer these questions better than you! Much like making a list of features you would want in a significant other, bringing us a list, or showing us pictures of what you envision for your perfect piece of jewelry will help us design a custom jewelry piece that is completely unique to you.

Metalmark custom diamond ring

Stone Search

Diamonds are like thumbprints: no two are alike. They have unique sizes and are colorful and brilliant in their own ways. There is a whole language to learn in looking for your perfect diamond, but Metalmark makes the process easy. Like matchmakers, after a consult with you, we will search for the perfect diamond or precious gem for your custom creation. Then, it’s time for a date! Typically, we will present two or three stones so you can get to know your options and can pick the stone that is truly “your type”.

Metalmark custom diamond ring

Design a custom ring


So there isn’t any doubt, we’ll sketch it out! Now that we have the inspiration behind your design, as well as your perfect gem, we will tie everything together with a sketch to ensure we are on our way to creating what you have envisioned.

If there is anything you would like to add, like an SLJ signature “secret” diamond, let us know! If you have bold, new ideas on dimensions, or on rocking two tones of gold, for example, let us know that as well!

Yes, the pencil is in our hands, and we will let you know what works and what doesn’t, but our ultimate goal is to accomplish your vision and to make you happy.

diamond CAD rendering


Think of this as sketch 2.0. At this stage, we will take our sketch and bring it to life with CAD (computer-aided design) technology, giving you a 3D preview of your finished work of art.

diamond CAD rendering

ring wax mold


After you have approved our rendering, it’s time to create! Did you know that Metalmark has a production studio right in the neighborhood?

Before we start production, we will talk openly with you about the cost and the timeframe, giving you estimates for both.

For certain designs, and rings especially, we will create a wax mold for you to try on, making sure we have a perfect fit, before we cast your metal and set your stones.

customized engagement ring

Cast, Set, Finish

After we are certain of a perfect fit, we will cast your metal, set your stones and finish your perfect piece of jewelry!

As soon as your custom creation is finished we will give you a call. If you do not live nearby, don’t worry! We will ship your jewelry to you. If you’re not gift-wrap savvy, we have you covered there too. We will also give you instructions on caring for your jewelry and, if you have any questions or concerns, we will address those, as well.

customized engagement ring

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