Metalmark Custom

Let's build your vision to life! Whether you're starting from scratch or recreating a piece using an heirloom let's create magic together.

Getting Started

Let’s meet and discuss everything from inspiration and budget to style and stone preferences. The more information, the better! This will set us up for success to create your perfect piece.

The Process

Now it’s time to source stones and create sketches. We will source stones based on your preferences and budget and allow you to choose the perfect fit. Next we will tie it all together with a sketch to ensure we are on our way to creating what you have envisioned. 

Cast, Set, Finish

Time to  bring our sketch to life with CAD (computer-aided design) technology, giving you a 3D preview of your finished work of art. When this is approved, we create a wax mold for you to try on, making sure we have a perfect fit and profile, before we cast your metal and set your stones. Then, it’s time to create! Typically from start to finish our custom process takes anywhere from 6-8 weeks depending on CAD revisions, complex custom pieces, and stone approvals.