Brilliantly Handcrafted Custom Jewelry Design

At Metalmark we can help to design the jewelry piece of your dreams. Whether sourcing a diamond for an engagement ring or repurposing old jewelry to make something new, our shop has endless capacities and our team can walk you through the process. We will help you design something unique that compliments both your style and your budget.

Getting Started

Let’s meet and discuss everything from inspiration and budget to style and stone preferences. The more information, the better! This will set us up for success to create your perfect piece.

The Process

Now it’s time to source stones and create sketches. We will source stones based on your preferences and budget and allow you to choose the perfect fit. Next we will tie it all together with a sketch to ensure we are on our way to creating what you have envisioned. 


Time to  bring our sketch to life with CAD (computer-aided design) technology, giving you a 3D preview of your finished work of art. It is easy to see your piece from a variety of angles and make small adjustments if we need to!


After approving your CAD rendering and estimate we can cut a WAX of the ring for you to try on. This is the best way to ensure that each of the details are exactly what you imagined!


Now we make the magic happen! Our team of skilled craftsmen will cast your piece and meticulously set each stone. At Metalmark we pride ourselves on exceptional quality and attention to detail so that your piece is not only aesthetically beautiful but heirloom quality.