Everything needs a little upkeep once in a while. Whether it's touching up those roots or getting a fresh manicure, it feels good to get things shiny again. Your jewelry is no different. From basic cleaning, to ring sizing or securing loose diamonds, let us help your pieces sparkle again. 

We are very fortunate to have a team of highly-skilled jewelers that can accommodate nearly every request — from a simple jewelry repair to a one-of-a-kind custom piece, we take pride in our attention to detail in repairing, restoring or designing every piece of jewelry that comes our way.


Q: Should I wear my ring to the gym?

A: We don't recommend it. Stop in to one of our stores and grab a workout ring holder! It’s a wrist-band with a zipper to hold your ring so you don't damage it while exercising. We also suggest taking off your ring off before you shower, wash dishes, play in the garden, or put on lotion & fragrance.

Q: How do I keep my necklaces from always tangling?

A: Make sure you clasp them when you remove them! Traveling? Put them in a little ziplock and zip it up with the clasp out of the bag. This will keep out knots.

Q: How often should I clean my ring?

A: We recommend cleaning at home every two weeks for maximum sparkle. You are welcome to stop by our locations for a deeper cleaning and diamond check. It's easy to remember to have it cleaned around your anniversary. We always check for loose diamonds and suggest they be tightened as needed. Cleaning and gemstone check is always free!

Q: What can I put in my pretty pink ring cleaner?

A: Only use it for gold and platinum. Avoid putting sterling silver in the cleaner; it’s best to use a polishing cloth for silver. Some gemstones don’t belong in the cleaner at all, such as emeralds and porous stones like pearls and turquoise.  

Q: What if I don't have real jewelry cleaner?

A: Use a toothbrush and gently scrub the piece with warm soap and water or stop by the store to snag some! 

Q: How do I clean sterling silver?

A: Use a polishing cloth and gently rub. Do not put it in your pretty pink cleaner.

Did you buy your ring from us? If so, bring your engagement ring in to the store once a year for a complimentary check up. We'll make sure all the stones are tight, polish out any scratches, and keep it looking sparkly. Your ring will look brand new!


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