Metalmark Takes Vegas

What could be more fun than a trip to Las Vegas? A trip to JCK Las Vegas and COUTURE in Las Vegas!

JCK Las Vegas is the premier jewelry event in the nation and is one of the biggest, most respected jewelry trade shows in the world. It’s a show with which we have an absolute love affair. The best part is, we think it’s mutual! JCK featured Metalmark in their latest magazine and we are over-the-moon! We are so pleased with this article - JCK did an amazing job - and we would love for you to check it out HERE.

JCK Las Vegas

While in Vegas, we will also be attending COUTURE in Las Vegas. COUTURE, like JCK, is a trade show giant, and will feature 200 preeminent, creative and diverse designers and brands.

June 5-8, we will be traveling to JCK and COUTURE to take in (and take home!) the latest, awe-inspiring designs from trendy, new designers as well as from some of the most sought-after seasoned jewelers in the business.

Now, onto the really good stuff - What does Metalmark in Las Vegas mean for you?

We’re not just going to view new jewelry from the best and brightest designers, we’re going to bring the hottest new jewelry back to Metalmark.

Metalmark is all about capturing uniqueness and catering to customization needs, as well, so if there is something special you would like us to look for, specifically for you or a loved one, email Sam ( or Mary ( and let us know what we can pick out for you!

While we are in Las Vegas, we will share all the sights with you through photos and videos on our Metalmark Instagram (@metalmarkfinejewelry) as well as through our Metalmark Maven accounts.

Be sure to follow Sam (@samantha_metalmarkfinejewelry) and Mary (@mary_metalmarkfinejewelry) to keep up with our trade show shenanigans and to get your photo-fix of the most fabulous jewelry in the world!

While part of our team is partying - *ahem* - working in Las Vegas, the Metalmark boutique will still be open during normal business hours. Stop in the store or browse our collections online!

That’s it for now (we have hours of packing ahead of us), but stay tuned for updates and for a recap later this month. You’ll definitely want to see the jewelry we are adding to our Metalmark Collection.

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