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Once you’ve experienced the Metalmark Fine Jewelry shopping experience, you won’t want to shop anywhere else. We are a full-service jewelry boutique and we pride ourselves in curating memorable experiences and unparalleled designs for each and every style and price point. Stop by our Colorado location in the Denver Highlands to see what makes our service, our people and our jewels so special.

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Address: 3615 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10:30am–6:00pm
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Pop in to say hello to us in Denver! Our store is in the heart of Highlands Square at 32nd and Lowell.

The Denver Mavens are masters of jewelry styling. Get some advice on the perfect curated ear or stop by to create something custom you've been dreaming of!


I am the dreamer at Metalmark. I love to explore the possibilities of what we could do and how we could do it. My continued love affair with the jewelry industry is rooted in the process of creating. Jewelry and business feel very intertwined in that way. What makes this business both exciting and challenging is putting together of all the parts and pieces to make something special; whether that be a custom piece of jewelry, a thoughtful retail experience, a beautifully merchandised case, or a business model that has longetivty.

What jewelry piece can you not leave the house without? My Totem cuff. It’s new-ish to my wrist line up. I love it because it tells a story. I think the best jewelry in our collections is always storied.

What’s currently on your wishlist? An Elisabeth Bell necklace! I have been test driving a few of her pieces and am thinking about the Pave Thorn, but I might go with a one of a kind opal. I love her branch and think it could be my next investment.

Favorite part of Metalmark? My team. I got pretty lucky with the women that fell in our lap at Metalmark. Each one is a powerhouse boss babe. I am lucky to work beside them every day.

If I'm not at Metalmark you can find me.... In my car! I’d like to say in my garden because I love to garden, but the truth is I’m probably in my car. I am in that phase of life where kids' sports dominate so I am often driving them where they need to go!

Favorite part of the custom process? The story. For me, jewelry is all about the “why“ and the meaning behind the piece for the client. I savor every moment of hearing someone’s story and translating that into a piece of jewelry that is meaningful to them.

Best addition to an ear stack? Definitely an ear cuff. I am loving the white diamond baguette cuff , but just about any cuff can complete your ear stack.


Best addition to an ear stack?

If you are new to the piercing game I'd start with a 3rd hole on one side and always an ear cuff! Ear cuffs give off all the cool girl vibes and can be changed out easily. While I'm no stranger to a needle through the ear, who doesn't love a stylish cop out?

Currently on my wishlist… Where to even begin? A Samantha Louise Totem Bangle, Jacquie Aiche In-flight Bird Necklace, and a Diamond Riviera Necklace would be a great start!


What jewelry piece can you not leave the house without? The Jacquie hand chain! It is a big part of my everyday look.  

What’s currently on your wishlist? One of everything?  

Favorite part of Metalmark? All the Mavens! Working with this group does not feel like work.  Women supporting women is all the rage here. Oh, and Friday happy hour. Catch us at 3 o’ clock on a Friday afternoon with margaritas in hand and we will make you one too.    

If I'm not at Metalmark you can find me.... It's a toss up between painting in my studio or being lost on a trail in the mountains with my dog. Either way, I am with my dog because we're attached at the hip. Leo is my 7 year old Boxer and he is a mama's boy. Best trick I ever taught him was how to give me a hug, and now we hug all the time.    

Favorite part of the custom process? Putting the idea on paper. I love to sketch all the ideas and bring them to life.   

Favorite piece to make a statement with? All together now Denver crew *The Elisabeth Bell Thorn Necklace*. We all love to style around this necklace, and it is a personal favorite. 


Can't leave the house without: Samantha Louise Jewelry Pink Sapphire Ear Cuff

Currently on my wishlist: Elisabeth Bell Horizontal Diamond Thorn Necklace

If Liv isn't in the store, you can probably find her checking out a new restaurant in Denver!


My jewelry style: I love a layered look with go to staple pieces!

Favorite custom pieces to design: I think it is so fun to reimagine pieces. Pieces in your jewelry box should be worn so I love giving new life to old pieces.

Can't leave the house without what jewelry item on? Elisabeth Bell Thorn Necklace

Currently on my wishlist: A Samantha Louise Necklace

Favorite part of Metalmark? The people. I love being surrounded by incredible women each day and it doesn't hurt to also be surrounded by beautiful jewelry.

Best addition to an ear stack? Always an ear cuff


I am lucky to have been a part of Metalmark since the early days. It's so fun to see Metalmark grow up in this neighborhood that I love! 

If I'm not at Metalmark you can find me…camping with my husband and teenage sons or walking around Sloan's Lake with my dogs. 

What jewelry piece can you not leave the house without? The custom redesign of my wedding ring! 

Best addition to an ear stack? SLJ Geo ear cuff

Favorite statement piece? I love my Jacquie Aiche Hand Chain!

What’s currently on your wishlist? The Jade Trau Penelope necklace

Favorite part of Metalmark? The team, designers and clients!


Can't leave the house without what jewelry item on? An everyday dainty necklace 

Currently on my wishlist: Polly Wales Ziggy Skull ring

Best addition to an ear stack? An ear cuff! Never underestimate the power of an ear cuff!

Favorite piece to make a statement with? Jacquie Aiche Thunderbird ring gives me actual superpowers 



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