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-the bridal edition-

Emily in paris

In the midst of a dreamy European summer abroad, Metalmark's very own Emily had the surprise of a lifetime atop the iconic Eiffel Tower. With the sun setting over Paris, her boyfriend, Joe, dropped to one knee and proposed with a dazzling engagement ring, custom-crafted by none other than Metalmark.

When it came time for Joe to choose the perfect ring, there was no doubt in his mind—Metalmark was the way to go. The result? A custom ring that perfectly embodies Emily's vibrant personality.

Cheers to the happy couple, and to many more memories as vibrant and beautiful as Emily herself. Here at Metalmark, we're not just colleagues; we're a family that loves and celebrates each other, and we're proud to have Emily as part of that family.

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A glimpse into a

A Maven Love Story

In the fast-paced world of fashion, their love story began as Nordstrom stylists, introduced by a mutual friend. What started as a casual connection evolved during the trials of a pandemic, solidifying a bond that was too powerful to ignore. He knew Alexis was 'the one' from the beginning, and she, while initially seeing it as a fling, couldn't deny her growing love. Recently, these two love birds embarked on the next chapter, exchanging vows and sealing their unique journey with a loving commitment and we are so happy for our girl!

By the way, we do custom mens bands as well. Check out a few of our favorite custom made men's bands from Metalmark hubbies and brothers below...

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Explore our most classic bridal collection with designs made by our studio as well as signature pieces from designers we carry.

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