This month's Glitter For Good feature is the Friends of Holiday Park.  We are happy to support the Friends of Holliday Park because its a great cause, but also because it speaks to one of our very own designers, Samantha Louise.

"Giving back is an important part of my identity and my business.  The park is a place that I hope to watch my great grand children play at.  They have some amazing things in store for the future and I am happy that my jewelry can make a small difference in their efforts to improve, educate, and impact the lives of the families who come to enjoy it."

-Samantha Louise Larkins

The park was an important part of her childhood and continues to be a venue for kids to learn about nature.

Friends of Holliday Park (FHP) is an independent 501(c)3 charitable organization that works in partnership with Indy Parks and Recreation to improve Holliday Park in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Holliday Park is a free public park that encompasses 94 wooded acres containing 3.5 miles of hiking trails, natural springs, wetlands and an approachable stretch of the White River. 

It boasts an exceptional Nature Center, a large popular playground, an arboretum, picnic area and is home to the iconic Ruins which is currently being revitalized by FHP and is scheduled to open in the spring of 2016.

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