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Hi, Metalmark Family! My name is Elise. I assist Mary and Sam at Metalmark and let me tell you, it has been an absolute pleasure so far!

Especially as a newlywed, I love meeting soon-to-be engaged and newly-engaged couples. It feels like yesterday that I spent weeks gawking at my engagement ring and then my two wedding bands. I understand what a huge, important decision it is to choose the engagement ring and the wedding bands that you or your significant other will cherish forever! Through my own wedding experience and through working here at Metalmark, I have gained valuable knowledge about what to look for when searching for engagement and wedding bands. I would love to share a little bit of that knowledge with you!


When looking for your ring or for your significant other’s ring, it is helpful to know the size of the finger on which they intend to wear the ring. Every single finger could and likely does have a different size. Sizing your finger or finding out the size of a ring you already have is quick, easy and we’re happy to do it! If it is impossible to find someone’s ring size without spoiling a surprise, though, do not worry. We are happy to resize most bands!


Embrace your budget! Here at Metalmark, we can customize any of our engagement rings and wedding bands. Don’t give up if one of the rings you love is just out of reach. Let us know that you love it and let us know your budget. We will tell you if we can customize the ring to make it work for you.


There is so much to know about diamonds and I am no expert but thankfully Metalmark has Mary Leppert, our Metalmark Diamond Guru!  Mary has her certification from The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as a Graduate Gemologist and Graduate Jeweler.  The most important thing that I have learned from Mary regarding diamonds is that choosing a diamond is much like choosing a lifelong friend. You wouldn’t call someone your significant other before you were familiar with a few important traits like their name, what they look like, and their strengths and weaknesses would you? Similarly, you should not choose a diamond before you know a few important things: its cut, its clarity, and its color. A diamond’s carat weight matters too,  as well as its inclusions, which are similar to birthmarks or thumbprints. Before you buy your diamond, get to know it! To get to know it, stop into Metalmark or give us a call to schedule an appointment with Mary.


When you are ring shopping, you may not find the exact ring you want. Don’t despair! Instead, customize. Stop by Metalmark to get a few, initial ideas or schedule an appointment with Sam or Mary so that they can begin designing your unique dream ring that represents YOU: your unique personality, your unique relationship, and your unique jewelry style.

I hope that these tips have gotten you excited and have made you feel confident that yes, you can get the perfect ring for yourself or for your significant other if you know where and how to look, as well as whom to ask for help.

And I hope that you come see us at Metalmark soon! All of us Metalmark Mavens would be delighted to meet you.

View our custom design page for more info on our process!

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