View From The Top

Doesn’t this summer feel like it is flying by? We have been hard at work, alongside our designers, to curate beautiful collections that cater to LoHi’s unique, trend-setting aesthetic. This summer, we feel privileged every day because our vision for Metalmark is succeeding. Not only is our vision succeeding, but it is growing and expanding. We are just getting started and we embrace that, but these last few weeks, we have felt like we’re at the top...

5280 Metalmark Top of the Town

...or at least at the Top of The Town! 5280 awarded Metalmark with Top of The Town for fine jewelry in 2017. We are honored, and we are motivated to bring the “top” to new heights!

5280 Party

Thank you to 5280, to our designers, our friends and our family. And thank you, as well, to our LoHi neighbors who have embraced us. We’re excited to spread Metalmark Magic far and wide. We’re excited to see where the journey will take us!


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