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Hi, Metalmark Family! My name is Elise. I assist Mary and Sam at Metalmark and let me tell you, it has been an absolute pleasure so far!

Especially as a newlywed, I love meeting soon-to-be engaged and newly-engaged couples. It feels like yesterday that I spent weeks gawking at my engagement ring and then my two wedding bands. I understand what a huge, important decision it is to choose the engagement ring and the wedding bands that you or your significant other will cherish forever! Through my own wedding experience and through working here at Metalmark, I have gained valuable knowledge about what to look for when searching for engagement and wedding bands. I would love to share a little bit of that knowledge with you!


When looking for your ring or for your significant other’s ring, it is helpful to know the size of the finger on which they intend to wear the ring. Every single finger could and likely does have a different size. Sizing your finger or finding out the size of a ring you already have is quick, easy and we’re happy to do it! If it is impossible to find someone’s ring size without spoiling a surprise, though, do not worry. We are happy to resize most bands!


Embrace your budget! Here at Metalmark, we can customize any of our engagement rings and wedding bands. Don’t give up if one of the rings you love is just out of reach. Let us know that you love it and let us know your budget. We will tell you if we can customize the ring to make it work for you.


There is so much to know about diamonds and I am no expert but thankfully Metalmark has Mary Leppert, our Metalmark Diamond Guru!  Mary has her certification from The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as a Graduate Gemologist and Graduate Jeweler.  The most important thing that I have learned from Mary regarding diamonds is that choosing a diamond is much like choosing a lifelong friend. You wouldn’t call someone your significant other before you were familiar with a few important traits like their name, what they look like, and their strengths and weaknesses would you? Similarly, you should not choose a diamond before you know a few important things: its cut, its clarity, and its color. A diamond’s carat weight matters too,  as well as its inclusions, which are similar to birthmarks or thumbprints. Before you buy your diamond, get to know it! To get to know it, stop into Metalmark or give us a call to schedule an appointment with Mary.


When you are ring shopping, you may not find the exact ring you want. Don’t despair! Instead, customize. Stop by Metalmark to get a few, initial ideas or schedule an appointment with Sam or Mary so that they can begin designing your unique dream ring that represents YOU: your unique personality, your unique relationship, and your unique jewelry style.

I hope that these tips have gotten you excited and have made you feel confident that yes, you can get the perfect ring for yourself or for your significant other if you know where and how to look, as well as whom to ask for help.

And I hope that you come see us at Metalmark soon! All of us Metalmark Mavens would be delighted to meet you.

View our custom design page for more info on our process!

Custom design at Metalmark Fine Jewelry LoHi Denver


View From The Top

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Doesn’t this summer feel like it is flying by? We have been hard at work, alongside our designers, to curate beautiful collections that cater to LoHi’s unique, trend-setting aesthetic. This summer, we feel privileged every day because our vision for Metalmark is succeeding. Not only is our vision succeeding, but it is growing and expanding. We are just getting started and we embrace that, but these last few weeks, we have felt like we’re at the top...

5280 Metalmark Top of the Town

...or at least at the Top of The Town! 5280 awarded Metalmark with Top of The Town for fine jewelry in 2017. We are honored, and we are motivated to bring the “top” to new heights!

5280 Party

Thank you to 5280, to our designers, our friends and our family. And thank you, as well, to our LoHi neighbors who have embraced us. We’re excited to spread Metalmark Magic far and wide. We’re excited to see where the journey will take us!


A Metalmark Magical Fourth of July

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Fourth of July in LoHi is truly magical! If you are planning rooftop firework gazing at Linger, Avanti or El Five, wear some Metalmark Magic to get your party started!  

The Fourth of July Weekend is a great time to try out trendy necklines that will keep you cool in the summer heat, such as the off-the-shoulder neckline or the cold-shoulder neckline.

With a statement neckline, of course, you also need a statement necklace! We adore this structured diamond necklace by Kavant and Sharart. It resembles a starry constellation - perfect for fashionable summer nights!

Metalmark Fine Jewelry Independence Day

With white jeans and a darling clutch, a unique estate ring is a party-time staple, as well! Our yellow gold knot ring with sapphires and diamonds looks like a firework on your finger and will certainly be the belle of your holiday ball!

Start your holiday weekend off early with a glass of wine at Metalmark TODAY! Stop by this evening for sparkles and wine from 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM. We can’t wait to see you and to spread some Metalmark Magic through the neighborhood!

Please note, through the weekend, our hours will change. Stop in Saturday to take advantage of our festive, summertime jewels. We will be closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and will reopen at 10:30 AM on Wednesday, 7/5. Happy Independence Day, Everyone!

Father’s Day

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It’s Father’s week! As Father’s Day is nearly here, we would love to see you at Metalmark this week, along with the man you are celebrating. And if you were planning on just buying another tie this Father’s Day, here are a couple of reasons to stop by Metalmark instead:

 First, bring your dad or the man in your life to Metalmark because we have jewelry for gentlemen as well as for ladies! We can repair men’s jewelry, replace battery watches, and customize one-of-a-kind men’s pieces as well. For a repair or for a custom creation, you may us during normal business hours to schedule a consultation with Sam or Mary. You may also stop in store with some ideas for your custom creation or with your item that needs to be repaired. We would be happy to help you!

Fathers Day

Secondly, bring your Dad to Metalmark because we are right next door to the coolest guys in LoHi at  Ratio Clothing! The designers at Ratio create customize comfortable, custom-fitted dress shirts out of premium materials for an off the rack price. Our neighbors at Ratio are fun, professional and they mix a stiff drink, so we encourage you to come shop both our back-to-back stores for some Father’s Day shopping fun. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Please note: Metalmark will be open on the day of Father’s Day. Ratio will be closed.

Metalmark Takes Vegas

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What could be more fun than a trip to Las Vegas? A trip to JCK Las Vegas and COUTURE in Las Vegas!

JCK Las Vegas is the premier jewelry event in the nation and is one of the biggest, most respected jewelry trade shows in the world. It’s a show with which we have an absolute love affair. The best part is, we think it’s mutual! JCK featured Metalmark in their latest magazine and we are over-the-moon! We are so pleased with this article - JCK did an amazing job - and we would love for you to check it out HERE.

JCK Las Vegas

While in Vegas, we will also be attending COUTURE in Las Vegas. COUTURE, like JCK, is a trade show giant, and will feature 200 preeminent, creative and diverse designers and brands.

June 5-8, we will be traveling to JCK and COUTURE to take in (and take home!) the latest, awe-inspiring designs from trendy, new designers as well as from some of the most sought-after seasoned jewelers in the business.

Now, onto the really good stuff - What does Metalmark in Las Vegas mean for you?

We’re not just going to view new jewelry from the best and brightest designers, we’re going to bring the hottest new jewelry back to Metalmark.

Metalmark is all about capturing uniqueness and catering to customization needs, as well, so if there is something special you would like us to look for, specifically for you or a loved one, email Sam ( or Mary ( and let us know what we can pick out for you!

While we are in Las Vegas, we will share all the sights with you through photos and videos on our Metalmark Instagram (@metalmarkfinejewelry) as well as through our Metalmark Maven accounts.

Be sure to follow Sam (@samantha_metalmarkfinejewelry) and Mary (@mary_metalmarkfinejewelry) to keep up with our trade show shenanigans and to get your photo-fix of the most fabulous jewelry in the world!

While part of our team is partying - *ahem* - working in Las Vegas, the Metalmark boutique will still be open during normal business hours. Stop in the store or browse our collections online!

That’s it for now (we have hours of packing ahead of us), but stay tuned for updates and for a recap later this month. You’ll definitely want to see the jewelry we are adding to our Metalmark Collection.

Metalmark's Anniversary Party

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May is our anniversary month! Hopefully you have heard about our huge sale and are planning to stop by. We would love to see you!  Through the end of the month we are offering 15% off purchases up to $500 and 20% off purchases over $500.

Not only did we decide to hold a huge sale this month, we decided to host an anniversary party, as well! In case you missed the fun earlier this month, we wanted to include you in a recap.

The Jewelry

This May, our hearts and our cases are full! A few of our designers sent us jewelry especially for our anniversary month! We were able to show our friends and family new jewelry from Bohemi, TAP, Annie Fensterstock and Samantha Louise Jewelry. We still have new jewelry from these designers in store, so come in today to shop our sale!

We were also honored that two of our designers - Kathryn Giarratano of Amour Absolu and Lindsay Bloom of Jewelry by Bloom - stopped by our anniversary party. All of our designers are truly spectacular people and we have been grateful for their support during our first year!

The Community

Our anniversary party lasted late into the night because we just couldn’t leave! We were having too much fun! We were so glad to see many of our friends and family members, and we were just as glad to make new friends.

We would like to give special thanks to our friends in the LoHi community: Patterns and Pops, Little Man Ice Cream, Low Country Kitchen, Rush Bowls, Ratio Clothing, American Cultures, Fit 36, and Maci Cafe. Our anniversary swag bags turned out beautifully thanks to the amazing giveaways these businesses provided! Thank you to Linger, also, for the yummiest appetizers and desserts!

Memories with Mom from Metalmark

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday and, for some, finding the perfect gift is overwhelming. Our advice at Metalmark is to focus on finding a gift that creates bonds and builds memories. The gift of jewelry does just that, which is part of why we love fine jewelry so much! Each member of our team has unique memories about how jewelry brought them closer to their mothers, and we thought we would share a few with you as a Mother’s Day treat!  


As a young girl, I loved watching my Mom get ready to go out for the evening. I would sit on her vanity to watch her pick out her jewelry and get all dolled up.  I loved hearing the stories behind the jewelry. There is more than one occasion when I would make her late because I loved trying on everything. She was always patient with me, at least that's what I remember!

Little did she know I'd go back and try everything on again after she left!

She had a story to tell me about every piece of jewelry. Where it came from, who gave it to her. These questions rolled into questions about my family.


Being a mom who is also a business owner is incredibly challenging. I am always looking for more hands, more hours in the day and worried that my job will get in the way of being the best mom I can be. The amazing thing is that by opening Metalmark I have realized that my kids, particularly my girls look at their own dreams in a completely new way. They believe they can do anything they put their mind to because they have watched me at the store. When I listen to them talk about my jewelry with friends it is the absolute best gift they give me as a mom. Being their mom is the most amazing job I've ever had, but opening Metalmark with their big eyes watching every speed bump and every triumph is equally as cool.

Mothers Day Samantha Louise Larkins


My mom works extremely hard to make Christmas special for our family every year. Last Christmas, my dad and I conspired to get a diamond in my mom’s wedding band replaced as as surprise for Christmas. I say “conspired” because getting anything past my mom is not easy, but we did it! We added a new, gorgeous diamond to her band and put it under the tree right in the knick of time - on Christmas Eve. The next morning, the whole family - in on the secret -  just wanted mom to open her present right away. Mom being so happy felt like a gift to all of us!

 Mothers Day

We would love to celebrate Mother’s Day with you this Sunday. Stop by after brunch or before your afternoon ice cream!  Metalmark will be open from 10:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. We would be honored to help you find the perfect piece of jewelry for your mother or to find ideas for an original, custom design.

Happy Mother’s Day!
The Metalmark Team

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