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Mary's Holiday Favorites!

Posted on December 21, 2018 by Kelly Henderson | 0 comments

Merry Christmas! I was asked to pick five of my favorites items in the store, which is nearly an impossible task because I love so many different pieces, but I did my best! I narrowed it down to 5 things you can’t find just anywhere...

I’ve been eyeing Foundrae for a long time now and we finally pulled the trigger and brought the collection into the store - we’re so glad we did. It arrived in Metalmark Fine Jewelry Carmel last week and it’s been an instant hit. This collection has something for everyone. Each medallion has a special meaning and can be personalized to each wearer.

Foundrae, Designer, Metalmark Fine Jewelry

Jade Trau Penelope
The Jade Trau Penelope Necklace is a fresh take on a diamond riviera. The amount of sparkle you get is absolutely incredible. Jade’s motto is “reinventing diamond jewelry” and you can easily tell she lives and breathes this. Customers love her modern twist on the classics. We’re constantly finding new ways to style and layer her pieces so the ladies keep coming back for more.

Jade Trau Penelope

Tap by Todd Pownell
The mixed metal, hammered gold and inverted diamonds really set these TAP by Todd Pownell earrings apart. You just can’t find anything quite like these earrings and they’ll look even better under the tree!

Tap by Todd Pownell, Designer Jewelry, Metalmark Fine Jewelry, Carmel Indiana

Jade Trau
I couldn’t just pick one of Jade’s pieces so here’s another favorite. These earrings are STUNNERS…I am wearing them as I type this Gift Guide. They come in two sizes. One smaller as an everyday option or these large statement-makers.

Jade Trau, Designer Jewelry, Diamond Hoops, Metalmark Fine Jewelry, Carmel Indiana

Sarah Hendler
Sarah Hendler is another favorite of mine. These bracelets are the perfect gift and look amazing stacked together. Her signature enamel details look great next to her rich 18k gold.

Sarah Hendler, Metalmark Fine Jewelry

Hope to see you this holiday season!

With love,

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Aria's top five holiday picks!

Posted on December 12, 2018 by Samantha Louise | 0 comments

Hi, I’m Aria, one of the sales associates at our Denver location. I've been collecting gems and minerals since I was three years old, and I just recently graduated from GIA where I became certified in Gemology and Jewelry Design. I really appreciate unique jewelry with high attention to detail and designers who can create stand out pieces that are also wearable.

I curated my top five picks for this upcoming holiday season. I hope you find something you love! 

1. SLJ Large Petal Diamond Studs

Every girl needs a pair of everyday earrings that makes her feel beautiful and that's exactly what I think of when I see these!

2. Bloom Wrap Bracelet

Simple, classic, goes with everything, and a great price point!

3. Line and Hue Pink Sapphire Ring:

I love that the pink sapphire stands out with the ring still being very wearable.

4. Katherine and Josephine Star Stacking Bands

These rings are so elegant and classic. I love how easily you can change the look by adding a few more to the stack!

5. Line and Hue Banded Agate Necklace

The agate is simply stunning and this necklace is definitely a talking piece.

I hope you love these picks as much as I do!

Xo, Aria

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Samantha Louise Wish List

Posted on December 08, 2018 by Samantha Louise | 0 comments

Hi! I'm Samantha, the co-owner of Metalmark and the designer of Samantha Louise Jewelry. Although now based in Colorado, I grew up about 10 minutes from our new store in Carmel, Indiana. I'm smitten with the fantastic designer collections we carry at the store, but since I'm headed home for a trunk show next week, I thought I'd keep my gift guide to pieces from my own collection. The Samantha Louise Collection is 18K yellow gold sprinkled with white, champagne, rustic and rose cut diamonds. Next week's trunk show is a perfect opportunity to see pieces from the line, however, here is a little taste below:

1. Bouquet and Constellation Tracers

I've had an amazing time designing these rings. Each one is completely unique and is a great way to repurpose stones from pieces you are no longer wearing. The Bouquet tracer uses primarily marquise, pears, and rounds while the Constellation is made up of more geometric shapes. Bring in your unworn diamonds and we can custom-create a tracer to jazz up your stack!

2. Rustic diamond studs with petal jackets

I am a stud girl, but rather than a traditional diamond stud, I love a rose cut diamond stud. A fun add-on is the SLJ Petal Jacket, it gives you two looks for one!!

3. Signature Halos

These signature halos are an absolute MUST-HAVE in everyone's jewelry box. The halo design was the first design in the collection almost 10 years ago now. This micro halo is a newer addition to the line and the smallest of all the studs. I live in my mini halos. You absolutely cannot go wrong with these this Christmas.

4. Constellation Necklace

I'm totally obsessing over the new cluster designs. This constellation necklace is one of the coolest I've made so far, I love the edgy kite shapes. Even with .74ct of diamonds, the geometric rose cuts make it understated enough for everyday wear.


5. Elements Necklace

I am working on a really beautiful one of a kind elements necklace for next week's'll have to pop in to see it! Here's one I did in the past....but the one at the show is sure to impress! 

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Whitney's Holiday Gift Guide

Posted on November 30, 2018 by Accounting, Lindsay Metalmark | 0 comments

Hi guys, I’m Whitney.

There’s a childhood photo of me somewhere dripping in jewelry. Picture this— I’m wearing a hat with a broach, big clip-on earrings, long white gloves, at least six or seven strands of pearls and a little bracelet with my name on it. As you can imagine, it was very hard for me to pick only FIVE pieces of jewelry… so I bent the rules a little bit. Here are just a few of my many favorite holiday gift picks. 

1. Stud Earrings

I love seeing people doing funky mismatched stud looks, they are really trendy right now. Jade Trau was here for her trunk show and I had real stud envy. I don’t have enough ear piercings to wear all the studs I want - maybe Santa will bring me an ear piercing gift card, haha!


2. A Stunning Everyday Necklace

The cute little gold baguette dangle necklace from our house collection - we have many different versions of this, but I especially love the baguette piece. (This would be my top pick for an everyday look that you can layer in many different ways). I did ask my mom for this for Christmas...


3. Big Earrings

I mean come on, what’s not to love. I’m a sucker for a big fun earring. I feel like earrings are one of the first pieces of jewelry that people really notice when they look at you. Could be the proximity to your face or my own personal bias because I’ve been wearing large earrings most of my adult life. The turquoise Amyn earrings are hard to top, they look good with everything.. or maybe everything looks good with them. But I couldn’t pick just pick one, I have a pair of the Bohemi feather leathers and I get so many compliments on them.

4. Upside Down Diamonds

Yes, you heard me right. Tap by Todd Pownell has a killer look so it was hard for me to pick just one piece from him. I love the ring because I think it’s a unique version of a classic right-hand ring look and it’s a little chunkier that some of the other pieces we have.

5. SLJ Elements Bracelet

At first glance, this may be just another beautiful bracelet... But it’s not. The different ways to customize this piece are unlimited. You can change the color of the stones, change the stations, add a couple of meaningful symbols or dates, set four diamonds to represent four children, add in a birthstone or engrave roman numerals of your wedding date.

Abby's Holiday Gift Guide

Posted on November 29, 2018 by Kelly Henderson | 0 comments

Hi! I’m Abby and I’m the manager of our LoHi store in Denver. I’ve been obsessed with jewelry for as long as I can remember. I love seeing unexpected materials come together to create something unique and inspired. Jewelry to me is the perfect combination of design, art, and fashion (all things I love) so to be able to help individuals find &/or create their perfect piece is so incredibly cool for me.

Below are my gift-guide picks for this season!

Mizuki - 14k Yellow Gold Graduating Fresh Water Pearl Ear Cuff $625

I love the juxtaposition of this piece by Mizuki. Ear cuffs add an edge to your look but the pearls bring in a softer, more sweet feel.

ILA Collection - Turquoise & Diamond Locket in 14k Recycled Yellow Gold with .04ct Diamonds, $785

I will take turquoise any day. This delicate locket is such a great gift. Perfect for layering and you can even sneak a small note inside!

Samantha Louise Jewelry - Rhodochrosite Drop Jackets, $900

I absolutely adore these new rhodochrosite drop jackets by Samantha Louise. They are the perfect gift because they are versatile and can be paired with any stud.

Metalmark House Collection - 18K Rose Gold Ruby Eternity Band, $1940

I love the combination of rubies and rose gold here. It’s such a unique band that can be incorporated into any cool girl stack.

Sarah Hendler 18K Yellow Gold Signature Half Hoops, $2626

These earrings are always my go-to in the shop. The half-hoop is such a unique twist on the hoop earring and I love the dagger accent at the bottom.

I hope you like all my holiday picks! Please be sure to visit us at our Carmel and Denver locations to get your holiday wish list updated & check out these amazing pieces in person.

Xo, Abby

Uniquely You

Posted on November 20, 2018 by Kelly Henderson | 0 comments

Here at Metalmark Fine Jewelry, one of our favorite things is when people come in with an idea for a custom order that is unique and personalized.

Recently, Abby, our store manager in Lohi, had a request for a custom necklace from the lovely Ariana Chernin that we loved so much, we wanted to share with our readers!

One of our talented custom design specialists will sit down with you and help come up with a plan of action for your perfect piece, as shown in this sketch below. This customer wanted a personalized nameplate of her daughter’s name, Ives Ever.

Next, shown below, our customization specialist will work with you to choose things like font, shape, gems, etc. The possibilities are endless! In this design, we started with 10 different fonts and narrowed them down to the customer’s favorite two below.

Below is the final CAD rendering of the design before it was put into production! We will also show you the wax mold at this stage before it’s cast, so you can make sure you like the size, scale etc.

The last and most exciting step of the process is seeing your idea come to life! We love how this piece turned out & would love to create something just as special for you to signify someone special in your life.


Bringing New Life to an Old Piece

Posted on November 16, 2018 by Accounting, Lindsay Metalmark | 0 comments

Whether it was a bad gift, inherited jewelry, or something you bought for yourself ten years ago that makes you wonder what the 2008 you were thinking, we feel you. That doesn’t mean your jewelry needs to go to waste! It is possible to redesign jewelry into something that you feel great flaunting, and not shamefully hide away in your jewelry box.

One of the best options for giving jewelry new life is to have a custom piece of jewelry created especially for you.

That long strand of pearls you inherited can be converted into multiple bracelets, a layered choker or even an entire suite of earrings, ring, pendant and bracelet. We all have some pieces that we just no longer want but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the diamonds and gemstones reset into individual pieces that you can give to your children or grandchildren as a gift that they will cherish for years.

Here at Metalmark Fine Jewelry, we love working with you to bring new life to an old favorite. The process is easy, and so fun!

Bring in what you have! That necklace you no longer wear? Your grandma’s old ring that’s just not your style? Bring it all in. One of our talented custom specialists will go through everything with you and talk about your options.

This photo below shows the mountings from a recent “before” that one of our custom specialists worked with.

Walk around the shop & see what you’re drawn to in our cases. Show us your Pinterest board or Instagram photos you’ve saved. We’d love to help you determine what the best options are for your new piece.


We will work with you on concept and style and sketch out a design that you love. Next, that design will be drawn up in our CAD program where it will really come to life. We will work through this process until we settle on an amazing piece you’ll love to wear! Next, the piece will be created in our Lohi studio.

Shown below is a series of CAD renderings drawn up to make sure that you love everything about your piece before it is produced.

Shown below is the final product. Every diamond in this stack was taken from another piece of inherited jewelry and brought to life in a beautifully modern way.

Our last day to guarantee Christmas pick up for custom orders is November 24, 2018. Be sure to mention this blog post for a special 20% off discount on any custom order now through Christmas. 

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