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2019 Bridal Trends

Posted on March 23, 2019 by Accounting, Lindsay Metalmark | 0 comments

Samantha Louise Jewelry cluster engagement ringDIAMOND CLUSTER

Unique stone shapes set in asymmetrical settings — perfect for the alternative bride.

halo engagement ring, metalmark fine jewelry bridal

A modern twist on the perfect solitaire engagement ring. A halo around your diamond allows you to achieve a bigger look on a smaller budget.

three-stone engagement ring

This classic bridal setting doesn’t need to be boring. Spice things up by pairing a stacking band.

mixed-metal engagement ring

Because there are no rules when it comes to your engagement ring design. Mix it up and allow more versatility with your other jewelry.

Gray diamond engagement ringGREY DIAMONDS
With a grey diamond, you can get major finger coverage with a lower price-point and achieve a unique & stunning design.

Geometric engagement ring

Geometric settings offer a modern twist on traditional designs.


Erika Winters engagement ring

We offer new and old vintage designs for every vintage-lover out there.

 Pear shaped diamond engagement ring

Change up this old favorite by setting it in a halo or an east-west setting. We love pear-shaped diamonds now and forever.

yellow diamond engagement ring

Find an engagement ring as unique as your love to create a truly one-of-a-kind ring.

TAP by Todd Pownell engagement ring

Why not seek a custom design with unique elements that express your individuality. Asymmetrical rings are definitely having a moment.




Caring for your Ring

Posted on March 15, 2019 by Kelly Henderson | 0 comments

We are very fortunate to have a team of highly-skilled jewelers that can accommodate nearly every request — from a simple jewelry repair to a one-of-a-kind custom piece, we take pride in our attention to detail in repairing, restoring or designing every piece of jewelry that comes our way.

Q: Should I wear my ring to the gym?

A: We don't recommend it. Stop in to one of our stores and grab a workout ring holder! It’s a wrist-band with a zipper to hold your ring so you don't damage it while exercising. We also suggest taking off your ring off before you shower, wash dishes, play in the garden, or put on lotion & fragrance.

Q: How do I keep my necklaces from always tangling?

A: Make sure you clasp them when you remove them! Traveling? Put them in a little ziplock and zip it up with the clasp out of the bag. This will keep out knots.

Q: How often should I clean my ring?

A: We recommend cleaning at home every two weeks for maximum sparkle. You are welcome to stop by our locations for a deeper cleaning and diamond check. It's easy to remember to have it cleaned around your anniversary. We always check for loose diamonds and suggest they be tightened as needed. Cleaning and gemstone check is always free!

Q: What can I put in my pretty pink ring cleaner?

A: Only use it for gold and platinum. Avoid putting sterling silver in the cleaner; it’s best to use a polishing cloth for silver. Some gemstones don’t belong in the cleaner at all, such as emeralds and porous stones like pearls and turquoise. 

Q: What if I don't have real jewelry cleaner?

A: Use a toothbrush and gently scrub the piece with warm soap and water or stop by the store to snag some!

Q: How do I clean sterling silver?

A: Use a polishing cloth and gently rub. Do not put it in your pretty pink cleaner.

Did you buy your ring from us? If so, bring your engagement ring in to the store once a year for a complimentary check up. We'll make sure all the stones are tight, polish out any scratches, and keep it looking sparkly. Your ring will look brand new!

Bridal Event Metalmark Fine Jewelry

Crazy About Color!

Posted on March 08, 2019 by Accounting, Lindsay Metalmark | 0 comments

We’re excited to share 6 of our favorite spring trends in the brightest colors we could find! 


Turquoise is IN and it’s here to stay. We love layering these new Fern Freeman bracelets with every stack. With an easy-to-use bolo slide clasp, you don’t need to bug a friend to help you put them on. The turquoise stones are accented with pink sapphire, emeralds and of course, diamonds.



Ear cuffs have been our favorite piece since we first laid eyes on them. An ear cuff is the perfect addition to every ear stack. If you’re not sure about another piercing, but want to jazz up your look, the ear cuff is a great accessory to snag. This fun pink enamel and peridot look from Sarah Hendler paired with an ear cuff from Jade Trau is about as springy as it gets.

Sarah Hendler Earrings


Our new obsession this year is Foundrae. These customizable pieces are the most fun “modern heirloom” to collect over time. In their words, Foundrae is a reminder, one we wear against our hearts. A record of where you have been and an announcement of what is yet in front of you.

\\ Karma + Passion + Token of Love //

Foundrae, Create your own stack, Metalmark Fine Jewelry


We’ve told you about the pinky ring revitalization but here it is again... bigger, brighter and better. These fun, colorful rings can be made to fit any finger and are so fun for spring.

Sarah Hendler Statement Rings


This stunning Samantha Louise custom remount just came off the bench for one very lucky gal! She wanted to add a little color to her everyday look with beautiful rubies she inherited from her Grandma Ruby! We love everything about this unique stunner. We would love to help you repurpose family heirlooms into an item you can feel happy to wear every day.

Samantha Louise Jewelry, Custom Design


How fun is this enamel heart from our house collection? With many colors available, you can add a small pop of color to any everyday outfit.

Metalmark Fine Jewelry House Collection





Valentine’s Day Favorites

Posted on January 30, 2019 by Kelly Henderson | 0 comments

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it can be difficult to pick out the perfect gift for your sweetheart. Residential organizer and fashionista Maria Baer from The Baer Minimalist popped into the store to pick out a few of her favorites for this Valentine’s Day. Let her help you find the perfect gift!

Bloom Jewelry Necklace, Metalmark Fine Jewlery“This was just so darn pretty! I couldn’t resist adding it to my list of gorgeous items. It’s one of those versatile pieces that elevates almost any outfit — from a black tie gown to a white v-neck tee.”

Sawa Clutch, Metalmark Fine Jewelry“Industrial and just plain cool, this leather clutch totally caught my eye. And then I saw the price – SOLD! I’m crazy about the fact that these are designed by a local artisan and hand-crafted in Kenya.”

Samantha Louise Jewelry Cuff, Metalmark Fine Jewelry“This dainty bracelet would be a perfect addition to a stack of jewels on your wrist. And the best part is, it doesn’t click and clack on your desk as you type away at your laptop (a requirement for any bracelet that I invest in).”

Bohemi Feather Earrings“This has to be one of my favorite brands that Metalmark carries (although, how can you even begin to choose?). These feather earrings are such a cool statement piece and would look beautiful with a high pony and a low neckline.”

Turquoise Studs, Metalmark Fine Jewelry“You can never go wrong with a colorful, glitzy pair of studs! And turquoise is one of those colors that complements just about everything. If these were in my jewelry box, they’d be an everyday staple.”

Jade Trau Cuff, Metalmark Fine Jewelry“A little bit edgy, this ear cuff adds some serious spunk! I am obsessed with the little diamond addition and the fact that I can wear more than one earring per ear (without piercing!).”

Be sure to check out our special Valentine’s Day trunk show from February 7-14 with designers Bloom and Bohemi. Shop these styles and so many more! The trunk show will be at both Carmel, IN and LoHi-Denver, CO locations. \\ Join Our Event!

Mary's Holiday Favorites

Posted on December 21, 2018 by Kelly Henderson | 0 comments

Merry Christmas! I was asked to pick five of my favorites items in the store, which is nearly an impossible task because I love so many different pieces, but I did my best! I narrowed it down to 5 things you can’t find just anywhere...

I’ve been eyeing Foundrae for a long time now and we finally pulled the trigger and brought the collection into the store - we’re so glad we did. It arrived in Metalmark Fine Jewelry Carmel last week and it’s been an instant hit. This collection has something for everyone. Each medallion has a special meaning and can be personalized to each wearer.

Foundrae, Designer, Metalmark Fine Jewelry

Jade Trau Penelope
The Jade Trau Penelope Necklace is a fresh take on a diamond riviera. The amount of sparkle you get is absolutely incredible. Jade’s motto is “reinventing diamond jewelry” and you can easily tell she lives and breathes this. Customers love her modern twist on the classics. We’re constantly finding new ways to style and layer her pieces so the ladies keep coming back for more.

Jade Trau Penelope

Tap by Todd Pownell
The mixed metal, hammered gold and inverted diamonds really set these TAP by Todd Pownell earrings apart. You just can’t find anything quite like these earrings and they’ll look even better under the tree!

Tap by Todd Pownell, Designer Jewelry, Metalmark Fine Jewelry, Carmel Indiana

Jade Trau
I couldn’t just pick one of Jade’s pieces so here’s another favorite. These earrings are STUNNERS…I am wearing them as I type this Gift Guide. They come in two sizes. One smaller as an everyday option or these large statement-makers.

Jade Trau, Designer Jewelry, Diamond Hoops, Metalmark Fine Jewelry, Carmel Indiana

Sarah Hendler
Sarah Hendler is another favorite of mine. These bracelets are the perfect gift and look amazing stacked together. Her signature enamel details look great next to her rich 18k gold.

Sarah Hendler, Metalmark Fine Jewelry

Hope to see you this holiday season!

With love,

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Aria's Top Five Holiday Picks

Posted on December 12, 2018 by Samantha Louise | 0 comments

Hi, I’m Aria, one of the sales associates at our Denver location. I've been collecting gems and minerals since I was three years old, and I just recently graduated from GIA where I became certified in Gemology and Jewelry Design. I really appreciate unique jewelry with high attention to detail and designers who can create stand out pieces that are also wearable.

I curated my top five picks for this upcoming holiday season. I hope you find something you love! 

1. SLJ Large Petal Diamond Studs

Every girl needs a pair of everyday earrings that makes her feel beautiful and that's exactly what I think of when I see these!

2. Bloom Wrap Bracelet

Simple, classic, goes with everything, and a great price point!

3. Line and Hue Pink Sapphire Ring:

I love that the pink sapphire stands out with the ring still being very wearable.

4. Katherine and Josephine Star Stacking Bands

These rings are so elegant and classic. I love how easily you can change the look by adding a few more to the stack!

5. Line and Hue Banded Agate Necklace

The agate is simply stunning and this necklace is definitely a talking piece.

I hope you love these picks as much as I do!

Xo, Aria

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Samantha Louise Wish List

Posted on December 08, 2018 by Samantha Louise | 0 comments

Hi! I'm Samantha, the co-owner of Metalmark and the designer of Samantha Louise Jewelry. Although now based in Colorado, I grew up about 10 minutes from our new store in Carmel, Indiana. I'm smitten with the fantastic designer collections we carry at the store, but since I'm headed home for a trunk show next week, I thought I'd keep my gift guide to pieces from my own collection. The Samantha Louise Collection is 18K yellow gold sprinkled with white, champagne, rustic and rose cut diamonds. Next week's trunk show is a perfect opportunity to see pieces from the line, however, here is a little taste below:

1. Bouquet and Constellation Tracers

I've had an amazing time designing these rings. Each one is completely unique and is a great way to repurpose stones from pieces you are no longer wearing. The Bouquet tracer uses primarily marquise, pears, and rounds while the Constellation is made up of more geometric shapes. Bring in your unworn diamonds and we can custom-create a tracer to jazz up your stack!

2. Rustic diamond studs with petal jackets

I am a stud girl, but rather than a traditional diamond stud, I love a rose cut diamond stud. A fun add-on is the SLJ Petal Jacket, it gives you two looks for one!!

3. Signature Halos

These signature halos are an absolute MUST-HAVE in everyone's jewelry box. The halo design was the first design in the collection almost 10 years ago now. This micro halo is a newer addition to the line and the smallest of all the studs. I live in my mini halos. You absolutely cannot go wrong with these this Christmas.

4. Constellation Necklace

I'm totally obsessing over the new cluster designs. This constellation necklace is one of the coolest I've made so far, I love the edgy kite shapes. Even with .74ct of diamonds, the geometric rose cuts make it understated enough for everyday wear.


5. Elements Necklace

I am working on a really beautiful one of a kind elements necklace for next week's'll have to pop in to see it! Here's one I did in the past....but the one at the show is sure to impress! 

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